Defenders Of Tanelorn's History (Biography)

The band was formed in Tbilisi (Georgia) in the January of 2001, and was named Tanelorn. Its initial genre was Neo-Classic/Folk Metal. Out of the 6 original members, only two are still playing there today: Revaz Dekanozishvili (guitars) and Vadim Kurochkin (drums/percussion).

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Genre(s): Death Metal / Folk / Metal

Country: Georgia

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival Georgia 2011

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The current lead vocalist, Revaz’s cousin Michael Chikviladze, joined Tanelorn in 2003, after the first vocalist left the band.

In the spring of 2006, the band changed its name to Defenders of Tanelorn due to commercial reasons. The bass player – Roman Kasumov – was invited by Michael to join the band in 2006, after DoT has gone through two other bass players. Roman fit in well, and today, along with Revaz, Michael, and Vadim, he is the backbone of the band.

Defenders Of Tanelorn's Current Members

  • Michael Chikviladze (Vocals)
  • Revaz Dekanozishvili (Guitars)
  • Beka Sinjikashvili (Guitars)
  • Vadim Kurochkin (Drums, percussion)
  • Roman Kasumov (Bass, back vocals)
  • Genadi Bagalishvili (Keyboards)

Former members:

  • Dmitry Eliseev (keyboards)
  • Nino Esiava (keyboards)
  • Zurab Toroshelidze (Guitars)
  • George Sarkisov (Keyboards)
  • George Eradze (Guitars)

However, there has been a constant problem with the keyboard and the second guitar players, because it was hard to find musicians with suitable style and experience.

In 2003, after one of Tanelorn’s establishers – Dmitry Eliseev (keyboards) – left, it took the band a lot of efforts until they were finally able to find a replacement – George Sarkisov – who then left as well, due to some personal problems in winter of 2007. Tanelorn performed without keyboards until the January of 2008, when young and talented Nino Esiava joined and revived the instrument. She also brought in a new guitar player – Zurab Toroshelidze – who also left the band in a while.

For yet another month the band was looking for an umpteenth guitar replacement, when accidentally, through an online forum, Michael met George Eradze, who was just 14 y.o. at the time, and offered him to join DoT.

In June of 2009, Nino left to continue her education in a conservatory, and George Sarkisov rejoined Tanelorn on keyboards.

In may 2011 the band was renamed back to

as it was planned before.

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Official Defenders Of Tanelorn's Video

Defenders Of Tanelorn (Live at Tbilisi Altervision Newcomers 2009)
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Michael Chikviladze - Vocals, Revaz Dekanozishvili & Beka Sinjikashvili- Guitars, Roman Kasumov - Bass, Genadi Bagalishvili - Keyboards, Vadim Kurochkin - Drum поправьте инфу =) состав изменился уже давольно таки давно
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незачто, рад помочь. In may 2011 the band was renamed back to Tanelorn as it was planned before. будет время подправь название. официальные источники: сайт временно не работает.