Metal ScenT's History (Biography)

Metal ScenT was formed about 4 years ago playing rock/Metal music. Metal Scent took 10 Middle Eastern mega hit songs, rearranged and recomposed them into metal versions. Along with the songs, Metal Scent invited 10 Mega stars to sing the songs as a duet with Metal Scent's lead singer. The Result was a unique mixture of Eastern music with metal sound!

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Genre(s): Hardcore/Metal/Rock

Country: Israel

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival Georgia 2011

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The first Israeli album was released in August of 2005 and was a big success over Israel, the band was touring and playing all over the country and was invited to play on TV shows along with 4 singles that were playing on all radio stations over Israel. When the "buzz" started to fade out, the band decided to do the same thing, this time, taking major American hit songs from the 60's, rearranging and recomposing them into metal versions.

The result was a Great American hits, metal versions, with Eastern influences!

Metal ScenT's Current Members

  • Ronen Ziony (R.Z) - Drums
  • Dror Yakar - Guitars
  • Rami Salmon - Vocals
  • Yaniv Aboudy - Guitars
  • Amir Salomon - Bass
  • Sergey Sasonov - Sound

This Album includes cover songs along with originals. Metal ScenT recorded 11 songs:

Metal ScenT's Discography

2007 - Metal scenT

1 America – Neil Diamond
2 One way ticket – Neil Sadaka
3 Delilah – Tom Jones
4 Smoke on the water – Deep Purple
5 Run away – Dell Shannon
6 River deep – Tina Turner
7 Rain – Jose Feliciano
8 Mandy – Barry Manilow
9 The letter – The Box Tops
10Under my thumb– The Rolling Stones
11 U are my destiny-Paul Anka.

This Album was a major succes!!!

Last year the band came up with original material for their upcoming album that will be release soon.

Metal Scent is currently touring and playing all over Israel and started to plan their tour to Europe and Russia during summer of 2010.

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