Moribund Oblivion's History (Biography)

Moribund Oblivion is a Turkish black metal band from Istanbul. The band was formed by vocalist Bahadır Uludağlar in 1999. There have been several line-up changes prior to the current line-up, which now consists of Bahadir Uludaglar, Can Agriboz, Savas Sungur, Onur Burgaz and Emre Kutucularoglu who was officially recruited as of August 2008.

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Genre(s): Black metal

Country: Turkey

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival Georgia 2011

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The EP entitled Like a Falling Haze was released in 2002 to promote their first studio album in 2003 entitled Khanjar. The album was officially released on January 6, 2004. That same day, Moribund Oblivion performed a premiere concert supporting the well known Portuguese metal band Moonspell. The band drew considerable attention from this performance. The group also conducted the first black metal tour in Turkey as part of the promotion for their album, visiting the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Eskisehir and Bursa. At the end of the tour, the group performed in the Barisarock and Rock The Nations festivals and shared the same stage with Greece's well known black metal group Rotting Christ in Istanbul.

The band has released a music video for their song, "Ruins of Kara-Shehr", from the Khanjar album, which has aired on major Turkish channels like TRT and Dream TV. Moribund Oblivion signed with Atlantis Music from Istanbul for their second album Machine Brain. Moribund Oblivion cites their aim as introducing Turkish black metal to the world — though the black metal scene is dominated by Scandinavian bands — by contributing a unique sound to the genre. The band continues to gain exposure abroad and has a steady following across Europe.

Moribund Oblivion's Current Members

  • Bahadır Uludağlar
  • Can Ağrıboz
  • Onur Burgaz
  • Emre Kutucularoglu

Former members:

  • Duygu Soysal
  • Engin Ufuk Kaplan
  • Uğur Keçecioğlu
  • Fatih Kanik
  • Oğuz Akalın
  • Gökhan Köse

In 2008, the band was featured in two major Turkish newspapers; Star (July 2008) and Hurriyet (September 2008). The highlights of 2008 include headlining the Tbilisi Metal Fest in Georgia and performing at the Interregnum Fest in Rostock, Germany. Having finished promoting their third album, entitled, Time to Face, Moribund Oblivion are currently set to release their new album K.I.N. (Killer Is Nowhere) in December 2008.

Moribund Oblivion's Discography

  • 2002 - Like a Falling Haze EP
  • 2004 - Khanjar
  • 2006 - Machine Brain
  • 2007 - Time to Face
  • 2008 - K.I.N.

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Official Moribund Oblivion's Video

Moribund Oblivion - Ruins of Kara Shehr
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Moribund Oblivion - Kayboldum
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Moribund Oblivion - Machine Brain
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