Signs's History (Biography)

The band was created in cold winterday, 13 of december 2009 by ex-bandmates Sergi Shengelia (Angel of Disease, ex-Mortyrium) and Alexander Gongliashvili (ex-FLY, ex-Mortyrium) with Michael Lenz (Im Nebel). Influenced mainly by such bands like Borknagar, the 3 members started creating atmospheric, melodic, progressive black metal songs. Few weeks later George Zautashvili (Bohema, Angel of Disease) joined the band. After the line-up was complete, the band started working on their debut, yet untitled album. Based on the band members' huge experience and perfect mutual understanding the speed of songwriting was close to speed of light and just in 2 months after the creation, on february 16, an album recording has begun.

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Genre(s): Symphonic Black Metal

Country: Georgia

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival Georgia 2011

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But when the time to record a clean vocals did come, it was revealed that there was no person in Tbilisi who could sing all songs as it sounded in the heads of the band members, that was the reason, why the recording have been suspended. the band even ceased to play for a while and because of it there were some changes in line-up.

Giorgi and Michail left the band and everything returned to the beginning. Only co-founders - Sandro and Sergi remained and it looked like the end of a band. But the band decided to carry on. The decision was made that if Mr ' I.C.S. Vortex won’t record clean vocals, than nobody will do. So the band will wait ‘till Mr. Vortex will have some free time and will ask him to record some tracks:) ( Hope Mr. Vortex will agree). So, after a short timed hiatus Signs continued to write music. The style was changed towards Symphonic Black Metal and at this moment they have 40 minutes’ material and in nearest time a studio work will begin.

Signs's Current Members

  • Sergi Shengelia - Guitar, Vocals
  • Shoko Daraxvelidze - Guitar
  • Mindia Meladze - Keyboard
  • Sandro Gongliashvili - Drums, Keyboards

Former members:

  • Michael Lenz
  • George Zautashvili

Now about a new band members. Shota darakhvelidze (guitar), Dimitri Kuzmin (bass) and Mindia Meladze (keyboards) filled in and created a much stronger and more promising line-up than before and Signs is ready for new adventures.....

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Official Signs's Video

Signs - Path of the Damned
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